Eason Squirts the Principal

Eason PTO’s Spring fundraiser is called “Squirt Mrs. Erke.”  It involves students paying for the opportunity to use a Super Soaker to squirt the principal with water. Each student had the chance to buy one or two squirts and everyone took turns with the Super Soaker. Many teachers also took part, with many of the teachers getting soaked.

The PTO raised more than $2,000 on this fundraiser. Eason’s principal Peg Erke, was a good sport and enjoyed being the target for the afternoon for all of the classes. Luckily the weather cooperated and it was warm and sunny for Squirt Day. Thanks to Michelle Rogers and other PTO parents who participated and helped organize this fundraiser!

Eason teachers volunteered to get super-soaked for Eason’s Spring fundraiser. From left to right are Katie Block, Ashley Ohmstede, Stacy Hansen, Kristin Broberg, Peg Erke, Abby Schmitz, Darcy Nidey and Andrea Patterson. Seated is Clint Prohaska.

Eason staff tries to avoid the squirts from Super-Soakers to raise money for Eason’s PTO.

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