Fundraising Information

Students came home with information about our Fall Fundraising packets on Friday. The sheet explains everything about the fundraiser and an email was sent from the classroom teacher containing the following information:

First – why are we raising money?? With the help of PTO and our parents, we were able to purchase a projector for every classroom teacher this past summer!  Our next goal is to get every projector installed in the classroom and provide projectors for our related arts and preschool rooms too!  The money from this fundraiser will go directly to continuing our efforts of infusing technology in the classroom each and every day!

Money is collected when you take orders.
If you choose to order your products online, everything will be shipped directly to your house and not to the school.

On the order form sheet, it asks for you to list “prizes”.  Please ignore this area of the order form.   There are no prizes except the “frogs” which the students are REALLY excited about!!  On the ORANGE sheet, you will cut out coupons as your child sells items.  For each coupon the child will get to pick out a frog at school.  Any student that sells 30 or more items will get the entire collection of frogs.  If you sell 20 items you get to chose something free from the Gift Brochure and will include this at the top of your order form.

Thanks in advance for your support!!!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact anyone from the list below.
Liz Hivelely—
Tiffany Gehling  —
Amy Flink–
Christine  Wermager —
Jackie Tysdal (VP) —
Allison Hamling (VP) —

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