Anti-Bullying Week!

Take a stand.  Lend a hand.  Stop bullying NOW!

Waukee Elementary concluded their bullying awareness week on February 24.  The week was filled with many activities to draw students attention to ways of showing compassion towards each other by being a buddy, rather than a bully.

Monday, we celebrated “Waukee Elementary students care about one another” by wearing red or pink clothing.

Tuesday was “Be a buddy, not a bully” day, where students were encouraged to dress like a buddy.  Some classes even all dressed alike!

Wednesday’s theme was “Be a team player and stand up to bullies.”  Students and staff dressed in their favorite team gear.

Thursday, we celebrated that “Waukee Elementary is a safe place to be yourself” by daring to dress differently, wearing mismatched, upside-down clothes.

Friday was “Waukee Elementary is a peaceful place” day.  Everyone was invited to wear blue or dress in their pajamas for this calm and peaceful day.

Other highlights of the week:

  • The Undercover Bully Buster visited each classroom during the week, sprinkling fairy dust on the desks of students who showed great spirit for our dress up day or were caught being caring to another student throughout the day.
  • Teachers/students decorated their doors with anti-bullying slogans.
  • Guidance classes created many original works spreading messages about the importance of Being a Buddy, Not a Bully, including comic strips, posters, superheros and many other creative ideas.

Please check out our photo album of highlights! Click here:  Anti-Bullying Photo Highlights

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