Fourth Graders Study Famous Inventors

Nicole Kennedy’s fourth grade class just completed their biography unit studying famous inventors.  The students were immersed in mentor texts of various biography genres such as books, magazine articles, interviews, and obituaries.  They studied the many components and features of each of these types of biographies and then created their own.  The students chose an inventor of their choice, researched the inventor, wrote a biography genre, created the invention, and dressed as the inventor may have dressed.  The students hosted an Inventor Museum and shared their inventors with others. The students had great success with this project and were proud to create their own biography.

Christina chose Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie. Taylor Bridges chose Sally Fox, inventor of the first organic colored cotton. Allison Holloway chose Marion Donovan, the inventor of disposable diapers.

Trey chose Orville Wright, first of flight. Braden chose Galileo Galilei, inventor of the telescope. Sophia chose Ruth Handler, inventor of the Barbie.

Lily chose Earl Dickson, inventor of the Band-Aid. Trent chose Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Zach chose Milton Hershey, founder of the Hershey chocolate factory. Graciann chose Betsy Ross, sewed the first American flag. Karigan chose Ruth Wakefield, inventor of the chocolate chip cookie.

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