Ipods and Ipads too!

A big THANK YOU to our Waukee Elementary PTO for their fundraising efforts…with your help we have been able to purchase Ipods and Ipads for use in our building!!


Students have been enjoying working on their studies using our ipod touch cart and our new cart with a class set of ipads, too.  Teachers have the opportunity to sign up to check the carts out for their classes to use throughout the day.  Some of the things the ipods/ipads have been used for:


**practicing math facts

**working on building literacy skills; building words

**listening to books during daily 5 time

**researching topics for social studies

**recording students reading so that they have a chance to hear how their fluency is improving

**In 5th Grade General Music Class, the fifth graders are working on composing simple melodies using the major scale. During the last two weeks, students composed simple melodies on the staff in the key of C Major using Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti and Do. Upon completion of this, students practiced playing their compositions on a virtual keyboard on the IPads using the Mini Piano App and shared them with their peers. The students did a great job using the IPads and really enjoyed using them as a tool for their learning!

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