Blank Park Zoo Shares Creepy Crawlies with 2nd Graders

Teik Downs and Kaitlyn Vetsch look at a millipede.

The Blank Park Zoo came to visit 2nd grade to give their Creepy Crawlies presentation.  They talked about the differences between insects and different types of creepy crawlies.  They also discussed the different parts of an insect. (head, thorax and abdomen) Students were able to see the different parts of a bugs life. (egg, larva and adult) The presenter then showed the kids a hissing cockroach, tarantula, millipede, and a walking stick.  The students were able to touch the hissing cockroach and millipede if they liked.  Finally, a hedgehog was shared with the students because it is a mammal that eats insects.

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