Waukee Introduces WaukeeBackpack

The Waukee Board of Education approved a revision of Policy 1003.6R(0), Distribution of Materials, at the June 11 school board meeting. The revisions included guidelines and procedures for WaukeeBackpack.

WaukeeBackpack is Waukee Community School District’s “green” approach to distributing information from non-profit and school sponsored activities.

What is WaukeeBackpack?

WaukeeBackpack is a blog site that host school sponsored and non-profit information fliers. WaukeeBackpack is accessible from the Waukee School District homepage or by visiting http://blogs.waukee.k12.ia.us/waukeeebackpack

Why “Go Green?”

Parents and community members will now be able to find information in one easy online location and school newsletters will have room for more educational material.

Quick Facts

  • Fliers will no longer be inserted into school newsletters.
  • A link to WaukeeBackpack will be included in school newsletters.
  • Parents may also access WaukeeBackpack from the home page of the website or by visiting http://blogs.waukee.k12.ia.us/waukeebackpack/
  • Upon district approval, a limited number of materials may be distributed for students who do not have a computer and/or Internet access.
  • Flier distribution request should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the desired distribution date using the WaukeeBackpack Flyer Request Form. The completed form and one copy of the exact material in PDF format must be emailed to WaukeeBackpack@waukee.k12.ia.us.
  • Non-school sponsored information will only be distributed from non-profit organizations. Distribution of materials from commercial organizations will not be permitted. Organizations must present proof of non-profit status.

To read the guidelines and procedures for the distributions of materials visit http://goo.gl/YE0z8

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