Why Do We Have Early Outs?

As our first early out (August 29) approaches, we are often asked why our students are dismissed at 1:40pm on a number of Wednesdays throughout the school year. Our standard answer is this allows our teachers the needed time to engage in ongoing professional development, which is true. It was the feedback from our 2010-11 parent survey (chart below) that highlighted the desire from parents to better understand why the time is needed and how our teachers use this time when students are dismissed early.

Working with our Parent Advisory Committee during the spring of 2010-11, we identified this area as a communication goal for the 2011-12 school year. Our first step was to be proactive in our communication so our instructional coach, Leslie Perrigo, began to blog about the content and focus for our professional development time as a staff in order for parents to better understand what we do when kids have an early release. We include the link in our parent email reminder prior to our upcoming early out so parents have easy access to the information. The link to the blog is also located at the bottom of our Maple Grove website. We also have had our teachers present to parents at our PTO meetings about new learning from professional development, technology and instructional strategies used so parents can see what we are learning “in action.” When our parents were surveyed last fall, it appeared more and more families understand the content and purpose of ongoing professional development for our teachers. This is great news, but we know the work must continue!

I understand the purpose of professional development
(early release) in my child’s school.
Year Strongly
Agree Disagree Strongly
2010-11 33% 44% 14% 5% 5%
2011-12 46% 44% 5% 2% 3%


We are excited to continue providing this information for our community and families this year. To read what our staff is involved in during early out time, please bookmark our Professional Development blog page.

…and if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call, email or stop in to visit! Thank you for your ongoing support of our vision and mission at Maple Grove!

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