Old Waukee Elementary to Receive Much Needed Improvements

It’s no secret to anyone that the Waukee Community School District is growing.  Woodland Hills Elementary is currently being constructed and depending on the boundary committee’s recommendation, should provide relief to both Maple Grove and Brookview Elementary.  But, Waukee and Eason Elementary are also in need of relief. We’ve reached the point in our growth where the district needs to bring the 1917 facility back into service. Administration is recommending, at the September 10 Board of Education Meeting, that they approve the schematic design for the demolition of the single story portion of the 4th and Locust facility, along with improvements to the 1917 facility.

Improvements to the 1917 Facility:

  • New Windows
  • Elevator
  • New Lockers
  • Minor HVAC adjustments

Project Estimated Cost:

  • $2 million paid for with PPEL
  • No additional tax increase

Only single story portion will be removed as illustrated in the above picture. Our budget estimate for this work is $2 million and would be paid for with dollars generated through the district Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). There would be no additional taxes raised or required for this project.

Southeast overhead of new schematic design recommendation. Short term purpose for the remaining building is to provide additional elementary classroom space.

If you have questions, please contact the superintendent Dave Wilkerson, dwilkerson@waukee.k12.ia.us

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