Eason Buddies Share Wellness

The Eason Wellness Committee (headed by Mrs. Frankie DeMouth) decided to spread the “health” to their students by incorporating exercise into their buddy program.  This month, each group of students chose 2 exercises to do with their classroom buddies.  (Some classes decided to do all five! )  The choices were jumping jacks, running in place, sit-ups, squats, and push-ups.  The total number of exercises were reported and calculated as a school.  They were then posted in the hallway and announced to the students.  The total exercises were 13,169 jumping jacks, 485 minutes of running in place, 4,051 sit-ups, 4,517 squats, and 1,380 push-ups.  Eason will continue to focus on wellness by doing different activities throughout the year.

Mrs. Abby Schmitz’s 5th grade class exercises with their buddy class, Mrs. Deb McDermott’s 2nd grade.

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