Fifth Graders Visit Conservation Center

The Eason fifth graders had an incredible experience at the Kuehn Conservation Center in Earlham.  The wonderful naturalists had many interesting visuals and historic stories to share with the students.  The kids were able to pick a “teacher” in nature, which actually ended up being a special piece of grass, rock, or tool that taught them many things.  The students explored the prairie and they even laid down in the tall grass to soak up nature’s sounds.  They learned about native beliefs, such as doing the prairie chicken dance, in hopes that prairie chickens would return to the area.  They also saw very special places such as land left behind from a glacier and a burial mound.  One of the highlights of the trip was learning how our ancestors hunted, and the students got to try throwing spears at a pretend buffalo.  The kids were told that in order to eat lunch, someone from the group would have to hit the buffalo.  The students realized right away they are glad the times have changed, or they would spend a large chunk of their time hungry if they were a native.  This was a perfect trip for fifth graders because of all the exploring and discovering.  They had a wonderful time.

Students in Abby Schmitz’s fifth grade class attempt to hunt buffalo with a spear.

Fifth grade students from Abby Schmitz’s classroom predict which way a monarch butterfly will flly.

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