Professional Development: Student Support

On Oct. 10 South Middle School held Profession Development that focused on student support, “How did our work impact your child’s learning?”

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South Middle School Staff  Members:

  • Reviewed the purpose and documentation tools within the Response to Intervention (RTI) process for meeting individual needs
  • Focused on teacher collaboration to identify specific learning needs, match best practice instructional strategies, implement interventions, and collect data to determine student progress
  • Increased shared knowledge of strategies for better serving gifted, high-level, and English Language Learners (ELL) , as well as effective teacher mindsets

If you have 5 minutes…read this:

The shared knowledge portion of professional development was focused on student supports in our school.  Professional development was differentiated to meet staff members’ needs. The four session options are detailed below:

Response to Intervention (RTI): (All core teachers attended)

  • Teachers reviewed the procedures and purpose for RTI documentation.
  • Documentation folders are created to help teachers better support your child.  Within, teachers may find information regarding previous coursework, instructional practices that better fit individual needs, and classroom management tools that worked well for specific students.

English Language Learners (ELL):

  • Staff members were introduced to several strategies that help better serve our students who are learning the English language.  Teachers brought in a current or near future learning target for planning purposes.
  • This session aided teachers in formatting meaningful lessons that meet the needs of our English Language Learners at South Middle School.

Extended Learning Program (ELP):

  • Gifted students learn in a variety of different ways.  In this session, teachers reviewed the various learning profiles and learning styles of intellectually talented students.
  • Many of our staff members work directly with our ELP students.  During this session, teachers gained tools to better serve students with advanced learning needs.

Electives teachers attended, as this was shared learning from the Sept. 12 professional development for core teachers. Teachers engaged in conversations regarding the following growth mindsets:

  • Teachers have a lifelong impact
  • The classroom must feel safe and secure
  • All students want to succeed
  • The social-emotional needs of students must be met
  • Empathy is very important
  • Students should feel a sense of ownership of their education
  • Teachers should identify and reinforce each student’s areas of competence
  • Teachers should address fears of failure and humiliation
  • Discipline is a teaching process


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