Waukee Foundation Scholarships Annual Food Drive

Waukee Foundation Scholarships Annual Food Drive to be held the month of November. This is a district wide effort and is for a great cause. The Food Pantry has an immense need right now so we appreciate your efforts!


The Waukee Food Pantry gets a large amount of their requirements from our food drive and greatly appreciates our program.  We’ve divided their needs by school, but keep in mind we would like as much of anything on this list that our families would care to donate:

  • Shuler Elem.-canned fruit, snacks, rice/pasta sides
  • Waukee Elem.-Cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup
  • Walnut Hills Elem.-Canned meat(tuna/chicken), beans, canned peas, carrots, and spinach
  • Eason Elem.-Peanut butter, jelly, drinks(juice)
  • Brookview Elem.-Baking items, jello, pudding, crackers
  • Maple Grove Elem.-Pizza mix/sauce, pasta, pasta sauce
  • Waukee Middle School-Personal Care items-shampoo, body soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, deodorant
  • South Middle School-Cleaning products, laundry soap, diapers(size 4 and up)
  • Prairieview-Canned meals, soup
  • High School-Boxed ‘helper’ meals, boxed potatoes, boxed stuffing


All items will be picked up from the schools on Friday, November 30.  We’re working on getting boxes for you that might help with packing the goods.  However, if you could collect boxes as well it would be helpful. Please make them small to medium size so that they are easily carried. In past years your students have been very excited to help with the process of getting the goods from their school to the vehicles we provide.  If that has changed, feel free to contact us so we can be prepared.

PROMOTION-The Waukee Food Pantry has offered to send a representative to our schools if you are interested. You can request a speaker by calling 321-0894 or e-mailing Melissa Stimple at info@waukeechristianservices.org.  In the past, your students have helped by making signs to promote the food drive. We really appreciate that! It also helps to promote it in the daily announcements, websites, wiki pages, parent e-mails, classroom newsletters, etc. We will follow up in a week with something in writing for announcements. Please promote the fact that last year we collected almost 11,000 lbs. of goods and over $3000. cash to be used for goods. It was amazing to see it all piled up at the Food Pantry!

More information will follow at a later date regarding the specific time that we will pick up the items at each school on Nov. 30. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for all your time and effort on this project. We can’t do this great thing without all of you!

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