Waukee Hosts Rick Wormeli

Rick Wormeli and Kirk Johnson

On Oct. 19 Waukee Community School District (WCSD) hosted a seminar with Rick Wormeli. More than 370 Waukee teachers and administrators and 90 educators from other school districts attended a Professional Development session with Rick Wormeli.

Wormeli is a nationally recognized speaker who has spoken in 49 different states, many different countries and at the White House. Wormeli has more than 23 years of teaching experience in many different subject areas and grade levels. He is a National Board Certified teacher and has been recognized as the 1996 Disney American Teacher Awards: Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation. Mr. Wormeli is an avid writer of both books and articles on the topic of Differentiation and other educational ideas.

Rick’s morning session focused on differentiation including practical applications for teachers through motivational stories and real-world examples. The afternoon session focused on the principles of standards-based assessment and reporting, its implications on student learning and motivation in the classroom, and ideas for implementation.

Tweets from our Waukee teachers and administrators #wormeli:

“Differentiation is not a collection of strategies, but a mindset for teaching everyone.” –@mrhurlburt, Curriculum Facilitator, Waukee Community School District

“Just because you can’t imagine the logistics, doesn’t mean you give up on the principle.” –@murphhutson, Math Teacher, Waukee High School

“Wormeli reminds us of the importance of being a full participant in our profession, to help us improve our practice.” –@amyjohnson93, Principal, Waukee Middle School

“Kids can learn without grades, not without descriptive feedback.” –@amyquam, English Language Arts, Waukee Middle School

 “The behavior of turning in homework should not influence our measure of mastery.” @Adam_Shockey, Assistant Principal, Waukee Middle School

“When learning is the goal and learning is the reward, there is no cheating.” @Anne_Franklin88, English Language Arts, Waukee Middle School

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