Shuler 5th Grade Mall

The Shuler 5th Grade Mall was open on November 9. Fifth graders sold items they created to fourth graders. Junior Achievement (JA) Biz Town and our Shuler Business Project encompasses important elements of work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, providing students with a solid foundation of business, economics, and free enterprise education. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to use critical thinking skills to learn about key economic concepts as they explore and enhance their understanding of free enterprise.

Each child pledged to be a citizen of JA Biz Town and have begun the lessons to get ready for the JA Biz Town field trip. Along with the Biz Town lessons, each child is experiencing a project-based learning opportunity, where he/she is learning the different aspects of business. Each child along with his/her group, went through the process of creating a business for themselves. They applied for a loan and completed a business plan. The various businesses we have in fifth grade are: nail creations, craft creations (decorative erasers, flower pens, etc.) duct tape creations, desk cleaning service, and many more.

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