Board Approves Elementary Boundary Committee Recommendation

At the November 26 Board of Education Meeting the new Elementary Boundary Recommendation was approved. The recommendation was first presented at the October 22 meeting by boundary committee member Wendy Liskey.

The Board appointed a committee of 18 district patrons and staff members last spring to study district demographics, building enrollments and capacities and future district development and growth. The committee was charged with bringing a recommendation to the Board in the fall of 2012 for new elementary attendance boundaries for the 2013-14 school year.

Both Woodland Hills Elementary, located at 1120 S 95th Street West Des Moines, IA 50266, and Vince Meyer Learning Center, located at 400 Locust Street Waukee, IA, are scheduled to open for the 2013-14 school year.

Recommendation Highlights

  • Regardless of what building a student is assigned to, they will receive the same quality education, the same curriculum, and the same opportunities as those in all other buildings.
  • It was determined that Maple Grove, Brookview, Waukee and Eason Elementary needed relief for the 2013-14 school year. Walnut Hills and Shuler did not.

Approved Elementary Boundary Changes:

To see a Google map version with street names click here. (Make sure map view is selected not satellite)

  1. Move open enrolled students assigned to Eason to Woodland Hills Elementary.
  2. Assign students currently South of I-80 attending Maple Grove to Woodland Hills (A).
  3. Assign students South of Bridgewood Blvd (current BV) to Woodland Hills (C).
  4. Assign students South of EP True (BV) to Woodland Hills (B)
  5. Assign Maple Grove Villas, Silver Oaks area and then South of Westown Pkwy to 98th St. (D) to Woodland Hills
  6. Assign area N. of I-80, South of Ashworth to Woodland Hills (E)
  7. Assign area S. of Ashworth from 60th Street west to include The Enclave, South to the RR tracks and including Polo Club (G) to Woodland Hills
  8. Assign Waukee Elementary 5th grade to the 1917 building, renamed Vince Meyer Learning Center.
  9. Determine by April 15 whether to assign Eason 5th grade to Vince Meyer Learning Center, dependent upon Kindergarten numbers.

In Summary

We understand that these recommendations may not be popular with some of our families. The decisions were not easy! A reality for us, in a growing district, is that periodically elementary attendance assignments must change in order for the district to continue to offer reasonable class sizes and to meet the demands of the growth.

To view current 2012-13 boundary map click here.

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