Fourth Graders Participate in Mock Election

Fourth Graders at Maple Grove Elementary participated in a mock election on November 6, Election Day.  Students have been studying how our national government works, and how candidates for office campaign to get elected or re-elected. They  have studied past presidential campaigns and elections as well as staying up-to-date on the current election.  Fourth graders have learned about the electoral college and how many votes it will take each candidate to win the election.  To cap off the unit, on Election Day, students were able to vote for who they wanted to see win the election.  The votes were cast and counted and the result was Barack Obama winning with 65 votes and Mitt Romney with 47 votes.

Students from Mrs. Sarah Allison’s 4th grade class wait in line to cast their vote in the Mock Election on November 6, 2012.

4th grade students in Mrs. Fran Beavers class, Jennifer Atchale (left) and Cayah Miller (right) casting their ballots

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