Professional Development: Student Support

South Middle School (SMS) held professional development on November 14. How did our work impact your child’s learning?

If you have 2 minutes…read this:

SMS staff members:

  • reviewed survey data from parents/guardians from parent teacher conferences survey and created a plan to continue communication with families
  • increased shared knowledge of teaching all types of students through an article titled 8 Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do by Ferlazzo
  • focused on improving students’ current mindsets, including ways to get your child to believe they can grow in their learning and thinking

If you have 5 minutes…read this:

The shared knowledge portion of professional development was focused on continued parent communication and positive student mindsets. Staff learning included the following information listed below:

Continued Parent Communication:

  • Teachers reviewed the results from the parent survey regarding conferences and reflected on changes and improvements for the future.
  • Teachers created plans to continue parent communication throughout the year.  Brainstormed ideas included:
    • Positive phone calls
    • Positive post cards sent home
    • Emails regarding questions/concerns/positives
    • Updating blogs regularly and adding the subscribe feature

Shared Knowledge:

  • Staff members modeled a reading strategy of using visuals to tie meaning to reading through reading an article titled 8 Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do by Ferlazzo.  Staff members reflected and discussed the readings in think-tank groups (2-3 members per group).
  • This reading strategy may be seen in your child’s classroom(s).  Seeing a visual helps the reader solidify meaning to the new learning and ideas.

Student Mindsets:

  • Staff members reviewed the information about growth vs. fixed mindsets and related that information to students’ views of themselves.  Which of our students have a fixed mindset?  Which of our students have the growth mindset?
  • Teachers reflected on how to inform students that they can in fact continually grow their brains!


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For more information on the article used during the shared learning portion please click here.


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