Committee Recommends New Logos

A New Waukee Activity Style Guide was presented for discussion at the Dec. 10 Board of Education meeting. One year ago, an Identity Committee was formed with the purpose of defining a logo identity for the district that included official pantone colors, a mascot and guidelines for use. Nicole Lawrence, communications coordinator, Jason Glaza, Waukee alumni and South Middle School art teacher, Waukee High School students seniors Sydni Rowen, student council president, Rebecca Schrod, senior class president, Raina Bueno, senior class vice president, Allen Robles, junior class president, Kayla Sabotin, junior class vice president, Jordan Pyle, sophomore class president and Ally Jacobi, sophomore class vice president presented the proposal to the board. The board will be asked to act on the recommendation at the January 14.

After school districts across the metro area decided it was no longer acceptable to use a Native American image as a school mascot several versions of a Waukee “W” were adopted before settling on the “W” that is used currently. One of the biggest questions the committee faced was, “Why do we need a mascot?”

Simply put, if you don’t define your brand someone else will. The committee looked at several t-shirts and images being used throughout the district. Some were student produced others created by staff. The committee discovered that people were using a variety images besides the “W” to represent the Waukee Warrior, suggesting a need for an official mascot.

The committee worked with an advertising company, to come up with a mascot image that flowed with the Waukee “W”. In the design quote proposal the company wrote, “Many of our employees, including the owners, have children that attend Waukee Schools at all levels, and our passion will be reflected in the work we would do for you.” Because of their vested interest in Waukee Schools and the community as a whole, the company offered their services on a pro-bono basis.

“The warrior is a passionate, driven, purposeful, heart-full, motivated, and talented individual with a never-backdown mentality who is always pushing forward and striving for the best. Those are the concepts that we gave to the design company and these are the concepts that we need in a mascot to represent the Waukee Way,” said Jason Glaza, Waukee alumni and South Middle School art teacher.

The committee looked at more than 20 rough sketches before narrowing ideas down to five designs. From those five, they were able to recommend one mascot.

The committee also felt it was important to offer options in the style guide. The proposed style guide features “W” only, “W” and mascot options as well as mascot only options. This is to give users options for choosing the logo that best fits their needs.


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