Paper Mache in Eason Art Room

Eason Elementary art teacher Melinda Turnbull taught students how to make items with paper mache.  Paper mache is a construction process that allows students to mold paper and paste into 3-D objects and sculptures. Most students enjoy the process, as it is messy, gooey and very tactile. At Eason, students practice this technique from kindergarten through 3rd grade. In kindergarten they make a pair of colorful binoculars to observe the world around them.  In first grade, students learn how to create a form to cover with paper and paste that develops into a moving sculpture of a bobble bird. In second grade students practice forming paper mache over a mold to make a mask, and in third grade they put what they have learned into practice in making a paper mache mini-me over an empty plastic bottle.

Brooklyn Higgins and Allie Rogers show off their paper mache binoculars

Isaac Nelson and Evan Shoffner work hard on their paper mache project in Art class

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