Professional Development: Student Support

South Middle School held professional development targeted around student-centered classrooms on December 12. How did our work impact your child’s learning?

If you have 2 minutes…read this:

SMS staff members:

  • reviewed the characteristics of effective instruction, including creating a classroom environment that is student-centered
  • attended break-out sessions tailored to their needs and interests in implementing technology within the classroom including:
    • Socrative Software
    • SMART Board
    • Photocard
    • Quizlet
    • ScreenChomp
    • LanSchool
    • Edmodo
    • Destiny Quest
    • reflected on current practices and how they will improve technology usage and lessons that are tailored towards students’ best interests for the future

If you have 5 minutes…read this:

SMS staff members participated in a differentiated shared learning experience revolving around implementing technology within the classroom to create a more student-centered environment for learning.

Shared Knowledge:

  • Teachers reviewed the characteristics of effective instruction, including student-centered classrooms.  Technology implementation plays a large role in making learning student-friendly and engaging.  Also, information regarding the importance of student collaboration and group work with individual accountability was presented.

After reviewing the shared knowledge portion, teachers attended a variety of breakout sessions led by colleagues based on their specific needs and interests in learning more about technology tools, including:

  • Socrative software – technology that can be utilized for formatively assessing students and creating technology-based class discussions
  • SMART Board – an interactive instructional tool that can be used in any classroom setting to get students more actively engaged in their learning
  • Photocard – provides another tool for presenting information
  • Quizlet – technology that can also be utilized for assessment and gauging students’ grasp or understanding of a recent concept
  • ScreenChomp – allows students to take a picture of their screen and add information to explain or reflect upon learning
  • LanSchool – allows teachers to support and guide learning while using instructional tools
  • Edmodo – online classroom used for uploading assignments and discussions
  • Destiny Quest – enormous database filled with information and resources to be used with any content area


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