Shuler Celebrates 100th Day of School

Shuler first graders display postcards received during their 100th day of school celebration.

First graders at Shuler Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school on Tuesday, January 22.  To help celebrate we asked family and friends to send in postcards from all over the world.  Our goal was to get 100 postcards by the 100th day of school.  We mapped where all of the postcards came from around the world.  On the 100th day students dressed like they were 100 years old and did a variety of writing, math, and reading activities related to the number 100.  We had a great time celebrating that we were 100 days smarter!


8th Grade Track Meeting

Any 8th grade girl interested in going out for track must attend the informational signup meeting Wednesday, Feb. 6 with Brent Peterson in the vocal room at 7:30 a.m. All necessary forms will be handed out at this time.


School Cancellation

Due to inclement weather school has been cancelled in the Waukee Community School District for today, Jan. 30. District Office is open.

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5th Grade Parent Night at South Middle School

Due to a conflict on February 5, we will be moving the Parent Night at South Middle School to Tuesday, February 12 at 6:00 p.m. in our cafeteria.  This event is for 5th grade parents of students who attend the following schools: Brookview, Eason or Maple Grove Elementary School.

You won’t want to miss this informative event. One of our priorities is to help your child experience a positive transition to middle school and your attendance at Parent Night is the first step in making this happen.

We look forward to seeing you at Parent Night on February 12 as we begin our journey together.

Chris Bergman, South Middle School Principal
Clay Young, South Middle School Assistant Principal

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Eason Second Graders Celebrate 100th Day of School!

Eason’s second graders celebrated the 100thday of school on Tuesday, January 22.  They spent the morning rotating through various stations set up in the second grade classrooms doing activities based on 100.  They used Base 10 blocks to build up to 100, they drew a picture using the digits “1,” “0” and “0,” they built structures using 100 cups, they used 100 pattern blocks to create pictures, and they created drawings of what they might look like at age 100.  Some of the students and staff even dressed as if they were 100 years old!

Holly Brammer, Eaon Martens and Luke Orton work with 100 shapes to create a picture.

Lennon Voss and Beth Scott build structures with 100 cups.




Waukee High School’s First Annual MLK Day of Service

Jan. 21, about 80 Waukee High School (WHS) students participated in Waukee High School’s First Annual MLK Day of Service. We started at 9 a.m. with a brief introduction to the day.  From there students went to work on activities they had signed up for at an organizational meeting on Thursday morning.  Students participated in the following:

  • assembling fundraiser tags for the Animal Rescue League
  • making “positive message” locker tags for every locker in the high school
  • doing crafts and reading with adults with intellectual disabilities at Link Associates
  • playing bingo with adults with intellectual disabilities at Mosaic
  • assisting Amanda the Panda staff with packing for that organziation’s upcoming relocation
  • collecting recyclabes and canned goods (redeemed recyclabes for the money and took all money and canned goods to the Waukee Food Pantry — they had put grocery bags and notes on doors over the weekend)

We were able to have shirts printed by Nuline Promotions (they gave us free printing on the back).  Shirts said “Waukee High School — First Annual MLK Day of Service — January 21, 2013.”  The back included a silhouette of King and a quote from him: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Students were treated to pizza from Domino’s at lunch and listened to speaker Alan Feirer of Group Dynamic speak about the importance of service.  His focus was on a quote from his college band director: “The reward for doing things is the opportunity to do more things.”  Alan has previously done PD for Waukee coaches and directors, leadership training for Waukee Wrestling several years running, and leadership training for a host of WHS student leaders last summer.

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2013 NCA National High School Cheerleading Championships

Members of the 2012-13 Warrior Competition Squad are Seniors Miranda Conner, Sheldon Buss, Ally Lovan, Emma Drees, Tori Monroe, Juniors Megan DeMouth, Mara Mapes, Audrey Wood, Nicole Allen, Taylor Cork, Sophomores Samantha Schaefer, Emily Carlson, Olivia Prohaska, Kendall Hays, Kassidy Hays, Brittany Novak, Karly Artino and Freshman Talia Buss. The Competition Squad is under the direction of Coaches Ashley Bedord and Bobbie Tucker.

Earlier this month, the Waukee High School Competition Cheer Squad participated in the 33rd Annual NCA Senior & Junior High School National Cheerleading Championships. The 16 member Warrior Competition Squad placed 10th in the nation in the Advanced Medium High School Division. This competition consisted of 2 days of performances featuring advanced level tumbling and stunting in a 2.5 minute routine.

Schools from all across the United States including Hawaii and Alaska travelled to Dallas Texas to compete. These teams represented the very best skilled cheerleaders in the nation.  Performance Divisions were categorized by skill level, team size and all-girl vs. coed designation.  Members of the Warrior Competition squad began practicing for this event last summer and over the months logged in excess of 150 hours of practice.

The team attended a private stunt camp in early June to advance their stunting skills in order to execute some of the highest level stunts permitted at the High School level.  At the 2012 ICCA State Cheerleading Championships, this team was named the 4A State Champions.


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Second Term Silver Cord Recognition

The purpose of the Silver Cord Program is to instill within students the importance of volunteering and to encourage them to be accountable by investing in the community on a regular basis during their school years. Students who earn 150 Silver Cord hours by April 30 of their senior year will have the honor of wearing a Silver Cord over their gown at graduation.  The following students are on their way to earning their Silver Cord and are recognized for reaching 25, 50, 100 and 150 volunteer hours.  Congratulations to these students who are actively making a difference in the community.

CLASS OF  2013

150+ HOURS:

William Antone, Courtney Bavender, Joel Berner, Hallie Browne, Raina Bueno, Michaela Craigmile, Hannah Dammen, Maggie Dressel, Jessica Duff, Ryan Fogt, Patrick Gaffney, Riley Gray, Alyssa Hartley, Taylor Hildreth, Beth LeValley, Zachary Marchal, Victoria Minger, Ben Modrell, Allie Oder, Alex Preston, Charlie Raike, Ellie Rhodes, Frankie Rickabaugh, Sydni Rowen, Kayla Schenkelberg, Zoe Scheve, Mitchell Schnoes, Rebecca Schrodt, Elizabeth Slaughter, Jess Thompson, Mikayla Vetter, Jordan Voorhees, Tyler Wellendorf, Abbey Williams

100+ HOURS:

Scott Baumeister, Courtney Bavender, Tianna Berard, Brittany Best, Evan Blackwell, Ellie Bunz, Alyssa Cady, Grant Campbell, Tara Caravan, Maddie Clough, Jordan Dean, Emma Drees, Stacia Fasano, Valerie Frank, Tori Giudici, Ryan Glenn, Christopher Grow, Abigail Hoffman, Kayla Hope, Lindsey Hope, Olivia Hopton, Katelyn Horner, Dan Jacobi, Abbey Knous, Kellen Kollmorgen, Lexi Konig, Cameron Konrad

50+ HOURS:

McKenna Bothwell, Cory Bown, Jonathan Buehrer, Ross Delsol, Hannah Dudek, Meredith Ekberg, Kinzie Fagerstrom, Josh Georgeff, Drew Hays, Emily Kamm, Komuri Lejukole, John Linde, Madison Miller, Christina Prevette, Amelia Rinker, Jeane Robles, Valerie Sanders, Elizabeth Smithson, Jessica Stacy, J.T. Trible, Megan Young


Olivia Allison, Jay Brose, Taylor Brown, Sheldon Buss, Jonathan Chicken, Alexander Collins, Joshua Dallman, Ashley Dalsing, Emma Engelhardt, Casey Kerkhoff, Brittany Kramer, Bethany Nizzi, Megan Nizzi, Andrew Rushenberg,, Bailey Scharff, Megan Shryack, Ryan Sullivan, Jamie VanSyoc

CLASS OF 2014:

150+ HOURS:

Jake Bergman, Jenna Carey, Katie Carpenter, Emily DeBoer, Collin Jund, Rachel Lienemann, Shelby McAllister, Catie Oder, Jenna Preston, Rachel Rice, Ellie Rossman, Rachel Rush, Kelsy Shay, Sydney Slagter, Emma Taets, Josie Wagner, Lanna Whitlock

100+ HOURS:

Abigail Adams, Alexi Alt, Tarina Alt, Erin Bramble, Carson Colletier, Natalie Deerr, Dalton Doom, Julie Gunderson, Faith Haroldson, Matthew Hayden, Alyssa Hewitt, Carley Hewitt, Elizabeth Hubbard, Brianna Jones, Charlotte Jordan, Matt Kappenman, Allison Kidd, Kayla Kuethe, Lindsay Larson, Dellan Llewellyn, Gabby Magee, Sarah Nelson, Jordan Rittenhouse, Allen Robles, Andrew Rozeboom, Kayla Sabotin, Timothy Scheve, Mitchell Smith, Alexandra Smolik, Abby Vens, Jeremy Watson, Morgan Wright

50+ HOURS:

Sarah Andersen, Nicole Allen, Mohad Awan, Christina Behrens, Jacob Bliss, Jennifer Brown, Tori Bussanmus, Billy Chelsvig, Kyle Corbin, Taylor Cork, Kylee Cox, Nathan DeGraaf, Caitlin Doty, Logan Driscoll, Brooke Essy, Hunter Flesch, Mackenzie Foley, Nora Frentress, Taylor Gehring, Lindsay Greifzu, Camille Griffith, Ben Halley, Nicholas Hammen, Chase Hanson, Jessica Havel, Amanda Holloway, Miranda Hunzeker, Alexis Koethe, Sydney Kroska, Collin Lidstrom, Breanna Loya, Blake Mackey, Morgan McLaughlin, Marcus McVey, Marissa Messinger, Addison Meyers, Rachel Murphy, Novepreet Nagra, Carter Neilsen, Gabby O’Leary, Davis Patton, Emily Perez, Kanchi Rekha, Celine Robles, Taylor Royer, Rebecca Sanders, Alexa Sandon, Ben Smith, Keely Smith, Brett St. John, Kelsie Stahly, Alexandra Strange, Will Sulentic, Connor Thorson, Madeline Tornabane, Drew Urban, Connor Wachter, Sam Weyers, Taylor Wingert, Jasmine Wyzgowshi


Jake Ahnen, Sean Anderson, Alec Ballard, Madi Boeck, Marisa Craven, Abigail Daly, Megan DeMouth, Taylor Else, Cassandra Erickson, Katlyn Frame, Scott Gulbranson, Alec Harrold, Max Hendricks, Kelly Koch, McKenna LeClere, Morgan Legleiter, Jolene Loos, Mara Mapes, Henry Oberman, Neil Patel, Alexis Ridout, Sarah Ripperger, Schylir Rowen, Madi Smith, McKenzie Tennison, Bridget Tunink, Alan Vongnhay, Audrey Wood

CLASS OF 2015:

 150+ HOURS:

Victoria Rothman

100+ HOURS:

Ayla Gooden, Savannah Oswald, Caroline Slaghter

50+ HOURS:

Bailey Baldock, Cheyenne Becker, Ridg Downs, Sarah Fields, Morgan Gainer, Madison Green, Char Halley, Brice Hingst, Katarina Hockey, Elizabeth Imm, Allison Jacobi, Nathan Jacobsen , Austin Long, Taylor Luther, Kelsie Marchal, Taylor Michl, Jake Mooradian, Anthony Nelson, Rachel Oliver, Madeleine Pals, Olivia Prohaska, Jordan Pyle, Chayli Rittman, Trevor Wiley


Zach Baudler, Kassidy Beckey, Cooper Bell, Samantha Benson, Austin Biegger, Emily Bieker, Emily Black, Connor Boatman, Nicole Cady, Emily Carlson, Hannah Clark, Aaron DeNucci, Chase Devoto, Cooper Floyd, Aaron Fogt, Ellie Girkin, Partrick Gray, Mady Gutnecht, Jessen Hansen, Christian Hofbauer, Natalie Horton, Nathan Keck, Olivia Lacona, Taylor LaRosse, Jordan Lisle, Connor Littlefield, Ben Mardis

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District Bulletin Jan. 2013

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In this Issue

  • Focus on Excellence
  • Waukee School District Launches New Nutrition Software
  • Kindergarten Registration 2013
  • District Focuses on Staff Wellness
  • Understanding Iowa Core
  • Students win State Tournament

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