One-Story Hard Demolition of Waukee Downtown

The one-story demolition of the 1917 facility often referred to as the Old Waukee or Waukee Downtown School was scheduled to start Feb. 18.

Contractors begun with a soft demolition. During this process they separated the one-story portion from the three-story brick portion. The hard demolition was scheduled to start Feb. 25. During this process they will tear down and remove the entire one story portion of the building. It is expected for demolition project to take 4-6 weeks to complete.

The Board approved the schematic design for the demolition of the single story portion of the 4th and Locust facility, along with improvements to the 1917 facility, now named Vince Meyer Learning Center, at the September 10 Board of Education meeting. These improve¬ments will include new windows (respecting the architectural integrity of the existing building), an elevator, new lockers, and some minor HVAC adjustments.

The district updated the HVAC, fire sprinkler and electrical systems in the Vince Meyer Learning Center in 1998. Additionally, the demolition plans for the single story portion will preserve the existing gymnasium and band room and will provide for a newly constructed entrance to the facility that ties it all together.

The budget estimate for this work is $2 million and will be paid for with dollars generated through the district Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL). There would be no additional taxes raised or required for this project.

Fifth graders from Waukee Elementary will attend the Vince Meyer Learning Center in fall of 2013. Waukee Community School District will determine by April 15 whether to assign Eason fifth grade to Vince Meyer Learning Center. This decision will be dependent upon kindergarten numbers.

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