Salvia, Synthetics, and More – a Parent Community Educational Opportunity

In an effort to educate our parent community on the subject of synthetic drugs Waukee High School (WHS) is hosting a Salvia, Synthetics, and More presentation on April 25 at 6:15 p.m. featuring keynote speaker Daniel Voogt, Bureau Chief – Polk County Attorney’s Office, Drug & Gang Bureau.

Synthetic drugs are fake substances with real, deadly dangers. This presentation is being held at the WHS Auditorium in conjunction with term four Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parent/Teacher Conferences are being held from 4:30-7 p.m. that evening in the WHS Commons and West Gym.

Voogt’s presentation is geared towards high school parents grades 9-12 and will focus on:

  • Identification of salvia and synthetic drugs
  • The dangers of synthetic drug use and why we should care about this issue
  • Law enforcement response and investigation
  • Prosecution response and challenges
  • Outlook and strategies

Voogt has given presentations to church groups, treatment professionals, legal assistants, groups that work with juveniles and many more key groups. Parents will leave this presentation with necessary information, along with the ability to alert others to the dangers of synthetic drugs.

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