Eason Third Graders Study Holidays

In Social Studies Mrs. Deb Wiley’s third graders have been learning about National Holidays! The students used laptops to research their holiday.  They looked for the first time their holiday was celebrated, how people celebrate it and all findings were recorded on a graphic organizer.  After that the groups made posters to show what they learned. Some very informative posters were made and one group even created a little song!

Eason third graders display their poster about Martin Luther King Day. From left to right are Alana Van Ballegooyen, Aishu Sivamurugan, Colin Strate and Braeden Wood.

Eason third graders in Mrs. Deb Wiley’s class display their research on Veteran’s Day. From left to right are Ty Boardman, Trevor Janes and Lana Wright

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