Brookview Students Win National Award for Recognizing the Dangers of Bullying

Fourth graders from left to right: Blake Papenberg, Caleb Paulus, Dean Remington and Varsha Nallabirudu

The Bullying Academy named Brookview fourth and fifth graders as 2012 National Champions for taking a stand against bullying.

Earlier this year, fourth and fifth graders at Brookview Elementary School participated in a web-based interactive program designed to help students recognize the dangers of bullying and cyber-bullying. The emphasis was to inform students of preventative measures related to bullying as well as to develop effective communication strategies. The program addressed topics such as how to identify a bullying situation, how to react and prevent such behavior and what consequences are involved. Lessons were aimed at demonstrating that bullying, whether physical, verbal, or electronic, can be as harmful for those that bully as it is for those who are targeted.

After completing interactive lessons and working together to develop effective solutions to bullying and the challenges students face, each student took an online test. The Bullying Academy held a contest open to schools nationwide to award top-scoring schools. Winning schools were determined based on their team score, which was the sum of the top 20 scores per grade.

Brookview fourth and fifth graders collectively scored higher than any other school that participated nationally. Both grade levels earned a national title, a trophy and a $250 prize for a pizza party!

Students celebrated their accomplishment at the end of the day on May 16 with pizza from Pizza Ranch in Waukee.


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