Guidance at Eason

During the next few weeks, Eason students will participate in a variety of personal safety lessons during classroom guidance. During these lessons, students will learn about making safe choices at school, as well as at home and in their communities.

Mrs. Emily Luymes, Eason’s guidance counselor, notes various learning targets to be addressed per the Waukee schools counseling curriculum:

  • Examples of good touches and bad touches.
  • Which adults to talk to if an inappropriate touch occurs.
  • Identifying private areas of the body.
  • Explaining steps to follow if an inappropriate touch happens.
  • Explaining why bad touches are inappropriate.
  • Describe what instinct is and its role in keeping us safe.

By teaching prevention strategies, it is less likely that our children will become victims. Teaching responsive strategies also allows students to know abuse is never a child’s fault and there are lots of adults in their lives who care and will help.

A copy of the Guidance curriculum is available on the Waukee district website. Please also feel free to contact Mrs. Luymes if you have any questions or comments regarding this important unit in guidance.

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