Planning for the Future: Board Approves Amended Recommendation

The Waukee Community Schools Board of Education approved a recommendation, with one slight adjustment on dates, from the secondary study committee at its meeting Monday, August 12.  Part of the final recommendation includes a three year timeline for the implementation of a Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Program. During the 2013-14 school year district administration will lead planning efforts for the implementation of the program.

Next steps for the district includes several specific actions. Administration will work with the business community to identify and secure business partners for a CAPS program, identify the educational strands most appropriate for Waukee Schools, create program components, capacity targets and course offerings.

In addition, an analysis of the current school-to-work program will be conducted to examine the possibilities for any short-term enhancements for the purpose of providing expanded opportunities for students that meet the program qualifications.

During the school year planning for a second high school will begin including site location, transition, educational programming, extra-curricular activities and triggers to determine when construction should begin.

District officials will also work to establish a communication plan to communicate the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of the CAPS program and the impact the program will have on students, parents/patrons, and the local economy.

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