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This week, with the heat index reaching record highs, the Waukee Activities Department will be taking necessary precautions to assure students involved in athletic practices/contests remain safe. The length of practices and practice times may be adjusted, as well as, planning extra break times for hydration.

The 8th football practices at SMS this week will be held after school as usual.  The coaches have been instructed to make sure the boys can get water anytime they want, and if a players requests to sit out for awhile, they can.

The team will also be using the small gym at SMS.  The plan is to be outside for 20-25 minutes and then move inside for 20-25 minutes.  This rotation will continue throughout practice if the coaches feel the boys are handling the heat and humidity.

The coaches will take every precaution to assure that they are not putting the boys at risk of any heat related injury.

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