Communication from the City of Waukee and Waukee Schools

There was an incident on August 23 involving a pedestrian and a vehicle on LA Grant Parkway near the South Middle School. Representatives of the Waukee Community School District and the City of Waukee met to review the incident and discuss options for increasing pedestrian safety near the school.  The group created the following strategy for the South Middle School:

Phase I – Fall of 2013

  1. City installs a turn lane for northbound traffic on LA Grant Parkway into South Middle School

  2. City implements its plan to repaint the median on LA Grant Parkway in the fall

  3. City begins the process to reduce the speed limit on LA Grant Parkway south of South Middle School

  4. School offers a busing option for students in the Stone Prairie subdivision

  5. School increases enforcement of rules for vehicles in the loading area

Phase II Spring of 2014

  1. City negotiates a development agreement with the owner of the undeveloped portion of the Stone Prairie subdivision to construct a trail on the north side of Wildflower Drive and be reimbursed for the costs as the neighborhood develops

  2. City designs and constructs a trail on the north side of Wildflower Drive that connects the Stone Prairie neighborhood to LA Grant Parkway

  3. City installs a crosswalk across LA Grant Parkway from the new trail to South Middle School

  4. School assigns an employee to assist students across LA Grant Parkway on the crosswalk

One expected outcome of implementing Phase I of the strategy is that it will create a safe environment for students in the Stone Prairie neighborhood immediately through the offering of a busing option for families in the neighborhood.  A second is that the reduction of speed for traffic coming from the south on LA Grant and increased enforcement in the loading area will improve overall vehicular traffic near the South Middle School.

Phase II of the strategy will result in long term safety improvements by constructing a physical connection from the Stone Prairie neighborhood to South Middle School and providing assistance for students crossing LA Grant Parkway.

The Mayor and City Council reviewed the strategy at their August 26 work session and directed staff to begin the process of implementing the strategy.  They will consider staff recommendations for each aspect of the strategy in the coming weeks and months.

The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at Waukee Community School District. As a district we will continue to work with city officials and law enforcement to ensure we have the necessary policies and procedures in place.

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