Operations Department Increases Security at Buildings

One of the Operations Department’s main goals this summer was to implement additional safety and security measures in our buildings.  Columbine locks and additional card access points were our focus.  Student safety is always a priority and given the unfortunate events around the U.S. this emphasizes the need to continually evaluate our systems and procedures.

Columbine locks were standardized in all classrooms across the district.  This gives staff members the ability to lock any door from the inside should a threat be identified.  Even with the door locked to someone on the outside it still provides normal egress to occupants on the inside.

In an effort to keep all exterior doors locked with the exception of the main entrances we’ve added additional card access points. Card access gives the district the ability to control where and when staff can enter with the added benefit of not issuing a physical key. Keys can be lost, stolen or duplicated thus circumventing security measures.  When a card is lost or stolen we can simply disable it in the system and issue and replacement card.

Waukee Schools is committed to providing secure and safe buildings for our staff and students while maintaining a welcoming feeling for parents and other visitors.

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