SMS News update

South Middle School has been a very busy place to start the school year, we’ve had a lot going on in our building.  We started the year off by focusing on getting to know our students, building relationships with them, and teaching the expectations in our building.  We took extra time the first two days during advisory to get to know each other a little better through multiple activities and we also spent some time discussing expectations in the building and having students demonstrate both positive and negative examples.

Students have also been busy taking part in our one fundraiser we have as a building, our annual magazine sale.  This year we met our building goal for the sale, so all students will be attending the BMX Bike Show later this year!  Students, their families, and their friends again did an outstanding job of supporting our school while also getting some of their favorite magazines renewed.  Thanks for all your support

This year a new opportunity was offered to our students that would allow them to give back to needy children around the world by donating a chicken to the family of the needy child.  A special congratulations goes out to our students who chose to take part in this opportunity to give back.  We had more than 370 SMS students take part in this “Donate a Chicken Program”.

In the past this fundraiser has allowed us to purchase iPads that are now available in every pod for students to use in their classes, helped support our homecoming mixer, and supported our building PBIS program.  Once again we thank you greatly for your generous support.  We would like to offer a special thanks to all our volunteers that helped us during the magazine sale, please thank any of these individuals you may know who sacrificed some of their day to support our school.

Thanks to all for your support of SMS!

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