South Middle School Annual Homecoming Party

South Middle School (SMS) will once again host its annual Homecoming Party September 20. All South Middle Students are invited to attend the event that will start at 3 p.m. We encourage all parents to pick up your child at 5:15. Picking students up at this time will also allow enough time to participate in other homecoming festivities taking place that evening.

Tickets will be sold to students before school from September 13-19 for $5. A ticket will buy students entrance into the party, two pieces of pizza, a snack and a drink.

Spirit beads and game faces will be sold for $1 each at the party.


If you are interested in helping out at the homecoming party, please email Lauren Crawford at, and she will let you know where help is needed.


If you are interested in donating individualized snacks (no peanut products, please) or cans of soda, please bring it to the SMS office before September 20. All of our students at SMS are invited to the homecoming party, so we will need plenty of snack and soda donations.

Thank you for your support of our homecoming party!

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