Eason Partners with the ARL

Eason has recently partnered with the Animal Rescue League (ARL) to help foster the specific First Class Behavior of caring. With this partnership, Eason students now have multiple opportunities to donate dog biscuits to the ARL.  While many opportunities to donate dog biscuits are optional, we are very excited about Eason’s support of such a great organization in our community.  This focus supports not only our First Class Behaviors, but also Iowa Core’s 21st Century Skills and Waukee’s dedication to fostering both successful learners AND engaged citizens who care about their community.

Second graders in Mrs. Sarah Volkens’ class choose to donate their yellow tickets towards a class bone. From left to right are Kai Mixon, Cooper Andrews and Camden Johnson.

Fourth graders Brock Seiser, Cael Gerleman, Luke Wellet, Caleigh Richards and Maxwell Killian add doggie biscuits to the collection.

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