Fundraiser Winners Ride Limo

The top-selling students for Eason’s Fall Fundraiser won a ride in a limousine on October 30.  The lucky winners were Maddi Megonigle, Meredith Monson, Cooper Andrews, Isabella Raymond, Tyler Peterson, Tabitha Lull, Quinn Monson, Jayden Krout, Beau Andrews, Emma Pitz, Trevone King, Emily Thornton, Hannah Wiemers, Brady Snyder-Smith, Zavi Nat, Emily McBurney, Ryann Coughlin, Jacob Dunham, Braeden Wood, Morgan Gach and Cooper Rogers.  These students were divided into three groups and Mrs. Michelle Rogers from the Eason P.T.O. and Mrs. Peg Erke, Eason’s Principal, rode along with each group.  The limos drove around the Waukee area.

Principal Peg Erke poses in front of the Hummer Limo with the driver and students Cooper Rogers, Jacob Dunham, Braeden Wood, Morgan Gach, Emilie McBurney and Ryann Coughlin.

Eason students, principal and limo driver pose with the Hummer Limo. Rides in the limo were a prize for fundraiser sales.

Eason students Emily McBurney, Ryann Coughlin and Principal Mrs. Peg Erke enjoy the limo ride.

Principal Mrs. Peg Erke and students Emma Pitz, Zavi Nat, Brady Snyder-Smith, Trevone King and Beau Andrews enjoy the spacious interior of the Hummer Limo.

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