New Record: 28 Selected for All-State Chorus

Front Row: Lindsay Larson, Bre Poage, Madeline Yates, Madeline Baccam, Poni Lejukole
2nd Row: Madeline Wiegers, Taylor Else, Gabrielle Buck, Lillian Mindrup, Kayla Kuethe, Marisa Craven, Emily Perez, Taylor Michl
3rd Row: Jason Wells, Trevor Wiley, Josh Fett, Zach Smith, Kellen Schrimper, Ridg Downs, Bryce Cutler
Back Row: Dustin Eubanks, Hunter Flesch, Blake Scantlin, Davis Patton, Andrew Cutler, Patrick Cunningham, Adrian Horras
Not Pictured: Abby Vens

Waukee High School Vocal Music not only set a new record, but made musical history on October 26 when all 28 singers who auditioned were accepted into the Iowa All-State Chorus. The maximum number of entries for one school is 28 students. This achievement has only been accomplished by a small number of school districts in the last 50 years.  Twenty-seven students were accepted after the first round.

The 67th Annual Iowa All-State Music Festival will be held at Hilton Coliseum, Iowa State Center, Ames, IA on November 23 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased at ISU Athletics Ticket Office or TicketMaster. For more information about tickets click here.

Congratulations to the following students who will proudly represent Waukee High School at the 2013 All-State Music Festival:

Student Name


Number of Years Accepted to All-State Chorus

Madeline Baccam 12 Third Year
Gabrielle Buck 12 Second Year
Marisa Craven 12 First Year
Patrick Cunningham 12 Third Year
Andrew Cutler 12 Second Year
Bryce Cutler 11 First Year
Ridg Downs 11 Second Year
Taylor Else 12 Third Year
Dustin Eubanks 12 Third Year
Josh Fett 10 Second Year
Hunter Flesch 12 Third Year
Adrian Horras 10 First Year
Kayla Kuethe 12 Second Year
Lindsay Larson 12 Second Year
Poni Lejukole 10 First Year
Taylor Michl 11 Second Year
Lillian Mindrup 10 First Year
Davis Patton 12 Fourth Year
Emily Perez 12 First Year
Breanna Poage 11 First Year
Blake Scantlin 12 Second Year
Kellen Schrimper 12 Second Year
Zach Smith 10 Second Year
Abby Vens 12 Third Year
Jason Wells 10 First Year
Madeleine Wiegers 10 First Year
Trevor Wiley 11 Third Year
Madeline Yates 10 First Year
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