Is It Spring Yet? Update from Operations

Is it Spring yet?! As I write this, the temperature for the day is slated to reach a balmy 50 degrees with a blizzard watch in effect for the following day. Only in Iowa! The snow and ice is expected this time of year, but add in the occasional Polar Vortex and it has made for a long winter. With above normal snowfall and large fluctuation in temperatures, snow and ice removal is a challenge, while the snow removal budget continues to suffer.

The long-term effects to school grounds are similar to what you experience as you drive on any city street. We have a tremendous amount of concrete and asphalt that needs cleared and treated each time we have a winter event and with that comes the potential for damage. Snowplows hitting curbs and sidewalks along with damage to grassy areas are visible examples of work that will need to be done during the spring and summer.

Currently, we use three subcontractors and one district employee to perform snow removal. Each sub has an assigned number of locations, while a district employee clears the bus facility and peripheral areas around the stadium and high school. There are 15 locations that require snow removal; this system works very well for covering the geographical area that is the Waukee School District.

Hopefully we will soon bid farewell to Ol’ Man Winter!  I’m sure everyone is ready for the spring thaw and an opportunity to put the snow blower and shovels away!

Eric Rose
Chief Operating Officer

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Waukee, Iowa 50263
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