Maple Grove SciGirls meet to learn about pollution

Students Mia Smith (grade 2) and Halle Andrews, Ella Soliday and Sydney Burke (grade 3) listen to the Iowa State Mentors talk about pollution.

The SciGirls Club at Maple Grove held their 3rd class on February 11, 2014.  This months class was led by 2 Iowa State students as part of the Student Role Model program from Iowa State University.  Established by Iowa State University’s Program for Women in Science and Engineering in 1990, the Student Role Model Program was created to encourage K-12 students’ interests in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.  The Iowa State students conducted  lessons on Pollution and Polymers.    “We learned about how dirt and sand help with pollution.  It was fun and interesting.”

The SciGirls Club is for students in grades 2-4, and was organized by parents Andria Klinefeldt and Rachel Andrews, with supervision offered by 4th grade teachers, Fran Beavers and Katie Meyer, and ELP teacher, Frankie De Mouth.  The group meets 4 times per year with the goal of making science and exploration a fun and exciting adventure.

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