ISU Women in Engineering Visit Prairieview

Straw Bridge Challenge winners. Pictures: Connie Mou, Shahnaz Basha, Hannah Cline and Mallory Honkomp

Iowa State University (ISU) seniors Mallory Honkomp and Connie Mou, members of ISU Women in Engineering, visited a group of Prairieview female students with a bridge construction challenge on March 10.

Female students in grade 9, who were interested in a STEM, engineering or design related career were invited to attend.

Before starting the challenge, the ISU seniors talked about their majors and what classes were required for their degrees. Honkomp is a mechanical engineering major and Mou is an animal dairy science major. Students had the opportunity to ask questions about what it means to be an engineering student and some of the opportunities available.

After the Q & A session, students were divided into groups and given 30 minutes to design and construct a bridge 10 inches long capable of holding a cup of pennies using 25 straws and masking tape. The bridge that was able to hold the most pennies before collapsing was declared the winner.

Freshmen Shahnaz Basha and Hannah Cline’s bridge design was the winner of the competition, holding all of the pennies available without collapsing.

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