Nutrition Software Update – Set A La Carte Limits

Waukee Community School District is excited to announce that ParentOnline has a new feature that allows parents to set daily, weekly or monthly a la carte purchase limits on their child(ren) school lunch accounts.

ParentOnline allows parents to view their child’s nutrition account, monitor/set spending limits, and view account history with a single signon for multiple students. Parents must create a ParentOnline account in order to set limits for what their child(ren) can spend.

How to set Restrictions in ParentOnline

  1. First you will need to log into your ParentOnline account or create one by visiting here.
  2. Then from the “My Student Account” menu on the left select “Food Restrictions”
  3. Select the student you would like to set restrictions for and then push “edit.”
  4. Then enter the appropriate limits you would like to set. (Debit=school lunch account and Cash=physical cash)
  5. When you are finished enter the student’s date of birth and click “save.”
  6. Complete steps 3-5 for each additional student.
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