Shuler 1st Grade Learns from Metro Waste Authority and Des Moines Waterworks

Metro Waste Authority, in conjunction with Des Moines Water Works, shared an interactive skit on the Raccoon River Players with first graders at Shuler Elementary School. Students learned about the importance of our water, natural resources and how to take care of them. During the interactive skit students learned methods to dispose of hazardous materials appropriately. Even though some people may think it is all right to put items down the storm drain, we learned how it impacts animals, our water cycle and the water we drink and use every day. Kirby the Raccoon gave advice on how to be a friend to our environment, while students played Name That Litter Bug.  As the students learned about the different types of Litter Bugs solutions were discussed to prevent us from becoming one in our daily lives. At the end of the presentation first graders learned about recycling and how it is important to not send everything to the landfill to save space and help the environment.

Brooks Clark from Courtney Holubar’s class plays Kirby.

Julie Heintz and Courtney Holubar’s classes enjoy “Raccoon River Players” skits.

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