Students Explore Engineering

Students at South Middle School have the opportunity to take three different classes to explore engineering related problems.

All 7th graders spend a semester (every other day) learning how to develop and communicate their ideas using a design process and working on sketching and drawing skills.  Right now students are starting work on a park design project where they work together to brainstorm, sketch, and create a three-dimensional computer model of a park for a client.

8th graders can take two different courses: Automation & Robotics or Applied Engineering.  Both classes expand on the creative thinking skills and develop students’ ability to work as a team, solve unique problems, and communicate their solutions in drawings and conversation.

Students in Automation & Robotics are currently working with micro-controllers to automate the world around them and simulate the work of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers.  Students have automated window blinds and created security systems that sense open doors, motion, and changes in light.  These same students are now transitioning to building solutions related to manufacturing systems.

Students in Applied Engineering have been diligently working to create marble roller coasters that will be analyzed for the change of potential energy into kinetic energy.  Following this unit students will begin their Rube Goldberg machines and combine their experiences with kinetic and potential energy with previous learning about simple machines.

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