Maple Grove Fine Arts event

On April 24 and 25, local Iowa author Maribeth Boelts visited Maple Grove Elementary as part of the Maple Grove PTO Fine Arts event. On the first day of her visit, Maribeth did presentations for each grade level.  Students had a chance to meet with Maribeth to learn about her story, the writing process and they had an opportunity to ask questions.  During the second day, Maribeth met with third and fifth grade students to take students deeper into the writing process. As part of the event, each classroom also received a set of “bare books” to be used as a class project to further extend the craft and joy of writing.

Maple Grove Mixed Media Leaders

By Sophie Reed and Lydia Appeldorn

On April 24 Maple Grove Elementary had a special author come and share her books with us. Her next book will be an exciting adventure book. Most of Maribeth’s letters are for Dogerella, Those Shoes and the PS brothers. Writing runs in her family, her youngest son made a lot of graphic novels because he liked to draw and her oldest son liked writing fantasy. The kids inspire her to write because of all the adventures she has seen in her lifetime!

Fun Facts About Maribeth Boelts!

  • What inspired you to write: “I felt understood by books, writing inspired me and I really wanted kids to feel  understood when they were reading my books.”
  • If you could have another occupation what would it be:“ I would want to deliver babies or be a nurse in a hospital nursery because my mother was a nurse and I would want to follow in her footsteps.”
  • Favorite color: Fuchsia and robins egg blue
  • Favorite TV show: The MidWife
  • What animal do you wish you could be: If she would become an animal she would want to be a chimpanzee because she can swing around in the trees!

Photo by Alexie Anderson and Abby Smothers

Photo by Alexie Anderson and Abby Smothers

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