SMS HyperStream Club Receives Awards at State Competition

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Left to right: 1st Row: Jack Grissom, Carter Moseley, Scott Min, Ben Fahrenkrug, Jivan Koneru, Adam Severson, Gautham Ajith 2nd Row: Karrie Zeman-Bach (Business Partner), Helen Lau, Nupur Udipi, McKenzie Stewart, Megan Groathouse, Laura Mueller (Teacher mentor) Emma Mitchell, Levi Rosol (Business Partner from Goodsmiths) Samantha Stewart, Rachael Colwell & Debra Zwank (Teacher mentor).

This was the inaugural year for HyperStream’s Middle School Virtual Competition, which encouraged students in grades 68 to explore and practice graphic design, web development, programming, gaming, robotics and other related technology skills learned throughout the year.

Students from clubs across the state submitted entries for Multimedia and Game Design categories. Entries were judged by a panel of industry experts. Multimedia entries were challenged to create marketing campaign components for a fictitious future space travel company. Game Design entries were created with Alice 3.0 – educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment.

“This was our first year having a Hyperstream Club so we are very excited that our students experienced some success. We have very talented and creative students at South Middle School. They set the bar high for future competitions, ” Laura Mueller, South Middle School teacher, said.

The South Middle School HyperStream Club is proud to announce its recent achievement in the statewide HyperStream Virtual Competition.

State Competition Awards

  • Eighth graders, Nupur Udipi and Helen Lau earned first place in Best Overall Game, Best Storyline and Most Original Ideas for their video game, Phoenix Rescue, and second place in Best Animation Sequence, Best Use of Sound and Best Code Quality.
  • Seventh graders, Ben Fahrenkrug, Adam Severson and Jivan Koneru earned first place in Best Animation Sequence, Best Use of Sound and Best Code Quality for their video game, Sea of Problems and second place in Best Overall Game, and Most Original Ideas and third place for Best Storyline.
  • Seventh graders, McKenzie Stewart, Samantha Stewart, and Rachael Colwell earned first place in their video advertisement and second place in both website design and logo design all based on marketing space travel.
  • Eighth grader, Nick Mitchell earned first place in music designed around a space travel theme.

To view the full list of 2014 winners, please go to

About HyperStream

HyperStream, a partnership between business and education, is a program for 6th-12th graders created by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI). HyperStream focuses on fostering real-world interaction and project-based learning through hands-on projects and competitions, engaging presentations, and action-packed technology clubs – all with technology professional mentoring. HyperStream pairs schools/LEAs with technology professionals to learn about the breadth of technology careers. For more information, go to

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