Gaming in 6th Grade Math

Today’s students are using a variety of different technologies to play games on a daily basis. Educational research has shown that gaming in the classroom increases student achievement. Benefits of gaming include engaging students in their learning, promoting teamwork, risk-taking, increasing motivation, growth of critical thinking skills and an increase in memory of key concepts.

The 6th Grade students at South Middle School are applying math skills through highly engaging math games in the classroom. Students are solving problems through Scavenger Hunts, playing Jeopardy, bingo, “I Have, Who Has..” games, Battleship, Who Wants to be A Millionaire, dice games, and a web based game called Kahoot.

Students have reported to teachers that learning math is a lot of fun and they are excited to come to math class. Teachers are seeing improved confidence and high levels of engagement during math time. The conversations the students are having during the games are focused on the learning and solving the problems presented in the game. Students are also mastering math concepts on assessments at a faster rate than previous years where gaming was not a regular part of instruction.

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