MGE Climate Parent Survey Results

Fall 2014 – 32% response rate

  • Adults who work at my child’s school treat students with respect. 96% agree
  • Children at my child’s school consistently treat each other with respect. 77% agree
  • Adults at school seem to synergize (work together) 95% agree
  • My child’s school embraces diversity among students. 93% agree
  • My child’s school encourages everyone to be part of all activities. 94% agree
  • I feel supported by all staff members (administration, teachers, etc.). 94% agree
  • My child feels safe at school. 96% agree
  • My child’s school environment is clean and well maintained. 98% agree
  • My child is provided opportunities to demonstrate leadership. (In classroom, special events, etc.) 91% agree
  • My child uses the 7 Habits and other leadership skills at home and in the community. 85% agree 

Thank you to all that provided input by taking our new bi-annual survey, which will be presented to you each fall and spring. This data provides us with a measurable baseline as to where we are, and how we will continue to improve as we serve the wonderful students and families of Maple Grove Elementary.

According to our survey data, it is apparent that we need to focus on children consistently treating others with respect. The data also indicates that we need to support students and families in utilizing the 7 Habits and other leadership skills at home and in the community. Based on these areas for growth, our Lighthouse Leadership Team identified our top school-wide leadership goals:

  1. Integrate the 7 Habits into our curriculum using “Lead Time” format.
    1. Lead Time is an opportunity to focus on various habits and skills throughout the school year, consistent upon all grade levels by devoting 15-minutes of classroom time each Monday to our school-wide focus. “Follow-Up Fridays” will allow us to debrief with students in the same format, to ensure that our learning target was achieved.
  1. Integrate “Habits at Home” for further parent involvement, which will encourage families and students to use the 7 Habits at home and in the community.
    1. The “Habits at Home” will correlate to the “Lead Time” activities facilitate with students weekly.

I am so proud to serve the students and families of Maple Grove Elementary! I sincerely feel that the Leadership goals and actions as listed above will make a positive difference for both you and your children. If you have any questions or input for continued growth, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kim Tierney, Maple Grove principal


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