Eason Students Silly String the Principal!

Students who sold the most items in Eason’s Fall Fundraiser won the chance to Silly String our principal.  Principal Peg Erke was a good sport and let 92 students squirt her with the sticky, slimy string.  Everyone enjoyed the assemblies and Emily Thornton won the grand prize, an iPad,  in a drawing.


Mrs. Peg Erke, principal, gets silly string squirted at her in the first of two assemblies.


Logan Peterson and Ella Birkett take their turns squirting the principal with Silly String. Students Henry McClurg and Russell Cates anxiously await their turn. PTO volunteer Kristi Pitz watches.


Mrs. Peg Erke, principal, dares the students to squirt her.


Ella Friedman and Katie Keck use Silly String on Principal, Peg Erke.


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