7th Graders’ Service Projects

7th grade students on the Gold Team at South Middle School brainstormed a list of service projects that they wanted to be a part of this holiday season. The following is a description written by students on each of their experiences.

Animal Rescue League


Brendin Doolittle and Austin Ellis holding pups


Lynn Lewis, Caleb Snyder, and Jadyn Steinkuehler

Today at the Animal Rescue League, we got to spend time with dogs, cats, horses, rats and bunnies. We also donated yummy treats and gave them lots of toys. We got to pet and hold many animals such as Oliver the cat. We met Bella the puppy, who apparently has “hops” (can jump very high) according to several people. We learned all about the ARL and the animals and we had a lot of fun. We donated stuff for the animals. We learned how to volunteer at the ARL and how old you have to be. We loved going to see all the needy animals. Adopt one today!Deerfield

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