Brookview Leadership Teams

All Brookview Elementary (BV) students in third through fifth grade met in their respective leadership groups on January 30. This program, led by BV Instructional Coach Kathy Liston, allows students to participate in group meetings on the afternoons of monthly assembly days.

“The main goal of this program is to give students experience in different avenues so they can see what they excel in and what they are passionate about. Since students are part of a different team each year, they are able to explore a wide variety of interests,” Liston said.

The groups are primarily student-led; the kids select topics stemming from their group’s subject that they would enjoy learning more about. “Students take ownership over their work in these groups. They are always super excited for the hour they spend with their team and are motivated by the will to participate and learn new things. Teachers also enjoy leading groups because it allows them to interact with kids they do not see on a daily basis and enjoy sharing a passion of theirs with students,” Liston stated.

Students discuss the current month’s habit that was covered in the assembly in their groups and decide how to best take the material they cover in their group and share it with their peers. BV, along with Waukee Elementary and Maple Grove Elementary, have the Leader in Me program at their school, which allows them the opportunity to participate in these leadership groups, allowing students to explore interests.

Third grader Reagan Hall is also a member of the School Environment team. “I like how we make the school look and feel better,” Hall added. The School Environment group, led by Liston, focuses on creating leadership displays throughout the school. The students make posters, bulletin boards and other art projects to place around the building.

Third grader Carson Crigger came up with the idea to enhance one of the school’s bulletin boards with the word “LEADERS” so students from every grade, as well as staff, could sign their name in the letters if they completed one of their individual goals. “I like being behind the scenes because I don’t feel comfortable being in front of a big group of people. This team is good for what I like to do,” Crigger commented.


bv leadership 1 bv leadership 3
Bulletin board with Crigger’s addition of “LEADERS” Hall and Crigger with one of their group’s projects
bv leadership 2 bv leadership 4
Community Gardening group led by Lisa Whitaker Science Leaders group led by Jackie Inbody
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