Dallas County Reading Contest Winners!

Lucie Buck, Sydney White, Kennedy Snyder

Lucie Buck, Sydney White, Kennedy Snyder

Walnut Hills Elementary had three 1st place winners in the Dallas County Reading Council’s Creative Writing and Poetry Contest: Lucie Buck (creative writing) and Sydney White (poetry) from Jenifer Huyck’s 3rd grade class and Kennedy Snyder (poetry) from Melissa Horton’s 5th grade class! Congratulations!

All students K-12 in Dallas County can enter their stories and/or poems into this yearly contest.  Lucie, Sydney and Kennedy will be honored at the Young Author’s reception on April 9. The winning students’ entries were sent to the state level competition. Lucie and Sydney both won 2nd place at the state level!  Way to go, Walnut Hills students!

Dan and Dog by Lucie Buck


There once was a boy named Dan. Dan really wanted a dog but he had two brothers and a sister and his parents ALWAYS said no because of his big family. One day he went for a walk in the park in hopes of finding a dog. Then, he looked under a tree and saw a dog. He looked closer and gasped, he did not have a collar! Just as Dan was going to run over, his dad called from behind him, “Dan! Time to go home!” Dan’s heart sank. He was not going to get a dog.


The dog was cold and lonely. Then, he saw Dan. Dan looked like the perfect owner. The dog’s ears perked up. He thought he was finally going to get an owner! But then the boy walked away. The dog did not know what was wrong with him that the boy did not like about him. Maybe he did not want a dog. Still, the dog’s ears fell down. He was not getting an owner.


Dan sulked the whole way home. He was very sad and passing the other dogs and owners together made him even more sad. After dinner that night, he moped upstairs to his room and fell asleep dreaming of that little dog.


That night it rained. The poor dog settled at a rest stop. He watched people walk in and out. Some of them gave him food. The dog ate it quickly and begged for more, but the people just left him. Even though he had just eaten, his stomach still groaned and growled. The little dog settled down to sleep, dreaming of his perfect boy, Dan.


The dog was there again the next day. Dan was so excited, he ran over to the dog! He was so happy to see him, but the dog growled and snarled at Dan. Dan did not understand. The day before the dog was so happy to see Dan. So Dan walked away. But he turned around. He was not giving up on that dog!


Today the boy came back, the dog growled and bared his teeth remembering the boy that betrayed him the day before. Then the boy walked away. The dog’s heart sank, then remembering how much he wanted also that boy to be his owner. But the boy turned around. The dog ran and leaped into the boy’s arms. “Jakey!” the boy said, “I’ll call you Jakey!” and he took him home.

Story Teller

So Dan took Jakey home, filled his stomach up (which made Jakey very happy), and then Dan went to bed with Jakey right beside him. They both realized, they had found the perfect friend.

The End.

Rainy Day by Sydney White

Rainy Day, Rainy Day.

Gray Clouds,

Big Raindrops,

Thunder Booming,

Lightning Flashing.

The air is sour.

No sun shining.

No need for sunglasses.

Can’t play outside,

For it is too cold and wet.

Rainy Day, Rainy Day.

Inside by the hot orange flames.

Hands I’ve known my whole life hand me a hot mug.

Sweetness is close.

Little white clouds softly bob against my lips.



The spine cracks.

The pages feel crisp in my hand.

Excitement rushes through me.

I’m a new character once again.

Rainy Day, Rainy Day.

Colors by Kennedy Snyder

Don’t be afraid of colors, my friend.

We cannot live in a world of

black and white.

A world of change and color

never hurt anyone.

Don’t be afraid to break tradition.

We can’t always walk in the

same direction.

Color is us.

We are the different shades

of colors who walk the earth.

Colors mix and they contrast.

There are millions of colors


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